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How to be a Professional Videographer

pro-videographerAnyone can take a video these days as all the modern phones have good cameras which allow you to shoot still and moving subjects, some phones even have microphones attached so you can add dialogue.

But if your eventual aim is to become a professional videographer then you need a professional video camera. It does not have to be an expensive make but it must be 35mm and have the ability to add sound. Many aspiring film directors shoot movies on a 35mm camera these days and after editing the film they enter it into various small film festivals around the world in the hope their work will be picked up by a big producer who will see their potential.
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YouTube Video Production on a Budget

camcorder-w-adapter[1]Many people believe that good YouTube video production cost an arm and a leg, but it actually can be quite affordable. In some cases it is difficult to know where to start if you’re unfamiliar with the general video production process and the equipment involved. (continue reading…)

Gadget and Camera Insurance – Is It Necessary?

stm510826bceb77c20130129[1]Lately there has been a lot of advertising for gadget and camera insurance. Is it necessary? Do you really have the need to insure your camera or videoequipment?

In my personal opinion I would have to say a lot would depend upon how much you value your equipment. What is the actual value of your camera and equipment and how do you use your equipment? Personal finances may also come into play, in making the decision to purchase insurance. (continue reading…)

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