expio – Latin
[to purify what is defiled];
[to atone for an offence];
[to propitiate, appease] an offending or threatening power.

My name is Douglass, or Dougie – I┬ámoved into photography and video production through a natural progression from a passion for 3D animation, and after graduating in 2005 with a Visual Arts Degree, I kicked off professionally under the fishy logo of Expio Productions.

The word Expio has its significance through the way it describes the reason why Jesus Christ came to earth. It also embodies my long-term aim to get amongst and contend with the flood of dodgy, immoral and socially-destructive material circulating in the video and film industry.

Overall, my passion is to use my creative streak to create the best videos and products that I can possibly make, so that through the message and the quality of the product, people will admire the one who gave me the creative streak in the first place.

Feedback or conversation about anything is always welcome, the Contact form is right there for that exact purpose!

I believe passionately about sharing technology, videography and photography tips and advise with anyone who is happy reading my blog on this little quiet corner of the internet.

Will be also looking to make some video blog posts in the near future as well, of course I will announce this on the Expio site, so be sure to subscribe to the site with your RSS reader. I used to say Feedburner was the best option, but since they shut that down I’ve found good alternatives a little lacking.

If you know of a good alternative, jump on the Contact Expio page and send me a mail with your recommendations – I’d love to check them out.