pro-videographerAnyone can take a video these days as all the modern phones have good cameras which allow you to shoot still and moving subjects, some phones even have microphones attached so you can add dialogue.

But if your eventual aim is to become a professional videographer then you need a professional video camera. It does not have to be an expensive make but it must be 35mm and have the ability to add sound. Many aspiring film directors shoot movies on a 35mm camera these days and after editing the film they enter it into various small film festivals around the world in the hope their work will be picked up by a big producer who will see their potential.

If your ambitions lie in the entertainment field that is the best way to break in. Do a film director course to learn to edit your movie, get together a group of amateur or out-of-work actors willing to work for nothing and either write your own script or improvise as you go along.It is important to select the right location for the story line, it is no use writing a good script then spoiling it by selecting the wrong location. If it is a spooky story set in a forest then shoot it in a forest, not a few trees clumped together in a field.

If you want to make videography your career then you have to decide what type of videographer you want to be. Do you want to shoot wildlife? or documentaries? Just like breaking into any business you need a good CV, but unlike applying for any other job a paper CV is no good, you need to send samples of your work.

If you want to make wildlife and nature your goal, go and shoot in beautiful locations and include the local wildlife, a nature reserve is a very good place to do this and include unusual shots like a rippling lake or a branch blowing in the wind. Do some night shooting too as your shots will be very dramatic in moonlight.

If sports videography is your goal, go to a local sporting event and shoot the action adding your commentary on the way.Most newspapers post videos about various stories online now so start with them to see if there is an opening for a videographer.

If you know which area you want to cover then go for it on your own and do not be afraid to shoot in black and white. The movie “The Artist” won numerous awards because it was a modern take on the old-fashioned silent movie shot in black and white with no dialogue. If there is a steam railway in your are shoot it in black and white, it will be far more impressive.

If you want to break into television as a videographer then it is best to ask the TV company if they have a trainee scheme as the world of television is very complex. Work for nothing if you have to but at least you
have a foot in the door. Do everything they say and make your videos so good you will climb up the ladder until you find you are one of their top videographers.